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Why is this dog harassing me?

Asked on: Sep 12, 2023 11:40 AM

Well, my little friend, dogs are a lot like people. Sometimes, they just want to play and have fun, and sometimes they don't realize that their idea of fun might not be the same as yours. Imagine if your best friend kept poking you because they thought it was a fun game, but you didn't like it. It's kind of the same with the dog. They might be trying to play or get your attention because they like you!

But don't worry! Just like with your friend, you can teach the dog what is okay and what is not. If the dog is doing something you don't like, try to calmly say "no" and walk away. This way, the dog will learn that this behavior won't get them what they want - which is probably just your attention or to play.

Remember though, always be gentle with dogs and never hit or yell at them. They are learning just like us! And if this doesn't work or if you're scared, it's always a good idea to talk to an adult about it.

And remember - even though it might feel like the dog is harassing you now, dogs are usually very loving creatures who just want to be our friends. So keep being patient and kind!

Reference: ASPCA - Common Dog Behavior Issues

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